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At CMM you will find all the services you need throughout the life cycle of a charging station. In doing so, we contribute to your company's goals. With 100% commitmen, our one-stop shop helps your business move forward!

  • Our full-service partnership provide expertise in all phases
  • We take care of everything from design & engineering to repair & refurbishment
  • We are by your side at every stage with advice and the right decisions

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1. Design & Engineering

We turn functional requirements into technical solutions. Working with Scope Design, we ensure that your charging stations are both functional and attractive.


Outstanding functionality within a single design

The functional needs and requirements for charging stations are changing rapidly. We make sure that you achieve these high requirements and create your distinctiveness.


From functionality to engineering in practice

Design firms have their hands full trying to incorporate modern features into an attractive design. We advise in the use of appropriate components.


From design to assembly

We translate your design into the most efficient method of assembly. We also think about easy access to parts during service calls.


Reliable cooperation partner

CMM Services partners with Scope Design, a highly experienced design firm in this industry. Together we keep the customer experience and quality high.

We like to watch

Do you already consider the final assembly of your product at the design stage? This often results in less use of materials, faster production and more reliable technology. At this stage, we are happy to look at this with you without obligation. 

2. Quick Scan

Analyze and identify - in an accessible way - the opportunities to improve your new or existing charging station in detail. You do not have to be our customer to have the Quick Scan performed. You will receive an independent report with advice to increase the quality and lifespan of your charging station.

Optimize quality

Charging stations are prone to failure. We check not only the main components, but also smaller parts such as washers, screws, seals, rubbers and adhesives. Long-term use and service life are leading in this regard.

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Reduce failure probability

Drying out parts thanks to heat exchanges, loose self-tapping screws or oxidizing metals.... We help prevent hardware failures and check for robustness and susceptibility to vandalism.

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Improve cost & lifetime

What parts do you use and are there replacement parts that are cheaper and/or better? Thanks to our experience, we know the lifespan of parts and advise on this. Lowering the "bill of material" is part of this.

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Increase efficiency

To reduce production costs, you need to assemble as efficiently as possible. Do we see opportunities within the work instructions for an improved assembly process? And can initial installation and servicing be done easily? This is what we are looking at.

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What we pay attention to...

  • Are there alternative components that simplify assembly or increase quality?
  • Are you using the right (fail-safe) metals and mounting materials?
  • Does the layout and accessibility of the components
    facilitate troubleshooting?
  • Are all parts present and important markings in place? 
  • How is the routing of wiring through the charging station? 
  • Are there any other practical solutions that simplify assembly and reduce the margin of error? 

After our analysis, you will receive a report with observations, advice and recommendations within 4 days.

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3. Procurement

Finding the right suppliers and procuring all the necessary parts is a time-consuming and complicated activity. We handle supplier selection, conduct all negotiations, make long-term agreements and actually purchase all parts. After purchasing, we maintain inventory and accurately match it with the production forecast.

Through large-scale purchasing and long-term agreements at competitive rates, we proactively contribute to lowering the"bill of material. No hassle, more peace of mind and, of course, economical costs!

4. Assembly, Testing & Certification

The assembly process at CMM Services is divided into eight steps. We record each step with digital instructions and store all data for each certified end product. This allows you to count on this information for up to ten years in the event of a service call or future upgrades.

Assembly & digital control

Our process helps the employee get through each assembly step flawlessly. The MES (Manufacturing Execution System) records every operation and monitors all steps.

Testing & final inspection

At the end of the assembly line, we perform an automated functional test. The serial number is printed and the charging station is packed and stored.

Data storage & certification

Unique is the digital recording per charger of all operations by means of film and photos. In addition, all serial numbers of all parts are recorded and stored.

5. Storage & Distribution

CMM Services has a large storage and distribution warehouse. This allows us to stock and deliver in large or small quantities to end customers, distributors or installation companies.

Stock can be held for a fixed fee perm2 or pallet. We also charge a fee per shipment all over the world. Very practical if you do not have your own warehouse or shipping capacity.

6. Repair & Refurbishment

If you have your make or type of charging station assembled at CMM Services, we will also arrange for repair work. For example, can a defective charging station not be repaired at the customer location? Then we will gladly take it in. After repair, a 100% functional test follows and the charging station can be delivered again - with a renewed warranty.

Sometimes charging stations get written off. We reuse the parts and in this way contribute to waste reduction and circularity.

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