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We build, scale and elevate EV chargers for manufacturers and CPOs to maximize efficiency & minimize footprint.


What's different about us?

01 360° operations

Ready to be guided from start to finish? We offer product-specific consultancy during the engineering phase, as well as optimized procurement processes. Smart inventory management & component selection helps you save on costs, while our innovative assembly techniques ensure error-free, high-quality products for your brand.

Charging station assembly at assembly company CMM Services

02 Quality assurance

We’ve invested in unparalleled quality and safety protocols. Our process is based on zero defect rates, which contributes to maximizing your uptime. This ensures customer demand is met and your products are 100% reliable.

Quality control at assembly plant CMM Services

03 Tailored collaboration

More than assembly, we proactively add value to your strategy. We'll pinpoint opportunities to improve your product at various stages throughout the assembly process, such as lowering expenses or future proofing your product range. Additionally, our unique boutique approach allows you to (re)configure models and types in various numbers.

Charging station quick scan at assembly plant CMM Services

Our solutions

As a full-service assembly company, we provide all the services needed throughout the life cycle of a charging station. In doing so, we contribute to your company's goals. We take care of everything from design and engineering to repair and refurbishment. We are the one-stop shop that moves your company forward with 100% commitment.

Transforming functional needs into technical excellence. In partnership with Scope Design, we ensure your EV chargers are both effective and visually appealing.

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Design & Engineering

Our independent analysis pinpoints improvements. We help you enhance quality, reduce errors, lower costs & improve assembly efficiency.

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Quick Scan

Optimizing your supply chain from supplier selection to purchase. We manage negotiations and buy parts cost-efficiently, maintaining stock aligned with production forecasts.

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Our 8-step certified process incl. digital quality control ensures flawless assembly. We MES track, test & document every step to attain unparalleled product quality.

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Assembly, Testing & Certification

Our comprehensive service manages your inventory and global delivery, offering straightforward solutions for storage and distribution.

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Warehousing & Distribution

We specialize in repairing and refurbishing all EV chargers we produce, ensuring functionality while supporting waste reduction & low carbon footprint.

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Repair & Refurbishment

Our strategic suppliers

CCL Design
Eaton Corporation
RST Elektronik

"As a full-service assembly company specializing in charging stations, CMM Services supports manufacturers and CPOs in their goals. We do this by using our knowledge and experience to proactively contribute to the development of a stable and reliable charging infrastructure." 

Menno Zorn
Executive Director

"My focus is always on adaptable, customer-centric operations and I take great pride in our ongoing pursuit of excellence concerning standards, certifications and audits. To me, it reflects our commitment to quality and a sustainable future."

Michael Dirks
Operations Director
Assembly company CMM Services
Assembly partner EV Box
Assembly worker holds charging station wiring
Assembly worker assembles charging station
Cheerful assembly worker at CMM Services
EV Charging station circuit board


We are currently ISO-9001 certified. ISO-14001, ISO-27001 and ISO-45001 have been submitted and will be finalized in Q1 of Q2 of 2024. We are UL listed and our IATF certification is upcoming in Q2 of 2024.

UL Listed
IATF 16949

Meet our team

Hans Lamme Managing Director CMM Services

In my role as MD, I have seen us evolve from humble beginnings in custom EV charger prototyping to a fully staffed & equipped EV charger assembly factory. We are proud to be an expert key player in the EV industry with an annual production capacity of 150,000 chargers. Clients and colleagues would describe me as collaborative, detail-oriented and product-focused, with an ongoing passion for reverse engineering.

Hans Lamme
Managing Director
Micheal Dirks Operations Director CMM Services

My role as COO allows me to combine strategic planning with hands-on leadership. Confronting challenges head-on, I've helped the team navigate through market shifts and onboard new market players amidst our existing large-scale clients. My focus is always on adaptable, customer-centric operations and I take great pride in our ongoing pursuit of excellence concerning standards, certifications and audits.

Michael Dirks
Operations Director
Menno Zorn Executive Director CMM Services

Driven by a passion for entrepreneurship, I'm proud to bring my executive experience in coaching, sales, operations and relationship to CMM. With 25+ years of engineering, procurement, assembly and distribution experience, our focus on error-free production sets us apart and makes us stand out as the premier EV charging assembly specialist in The Netherlands. Offering tailormade solutions and mass production up to 150,000 units annually, our commitment to quality will drive you forward.

Menno Zorn
Executive Director
Monique Lamme HR and Finance Director CMM Services

Due to my extensive background in human resources, I was able to build CMM's HR department from the ground up. I believe in empathetic leadership and a healthy, inclusive corporate culture where employees feel heard and understood. I also focus - alongside upper management and accounting - on maintaining the financial health and operational efficiency of our company. Recognizing daily opportunities to drive business growth gives me great satisfaction. My main goal? To be a supportive force to our team. No matter what, my door is always open.

Monique Lamme
HR and Finance Director
Rob ter Haar Quality Officer CMM Services

At CMM I use my years of experience as a production manager within various production companies. The common thread here has always been to look for ways to make the things we do safer, better, faster and thus ultimately more efficient. Together with the employees, in which intrinsic motivation is the starting point, we look for all large and small improvements that we implement with that goal in mind. It is great to see that improvements can be implemented in every process, initiated by employees themselves. By means of a coaching style of management of the production team, we thus get one step further every day in the development of the organization.

Frits Vuyk
Production Manager
Walter Rouvoet Head of Supply Chain CMM Services

A few years ago I committed myself to using my knowledge, experience and ambition to make a valuable contribution to the energy transition. Within CMM Services I can give hands and feet to this. As Head of Supply Chain I see it as my responsibility to realize sustainable added value for our customers with our specialist EV knowledge and the economies of scale of the bundled volume. By working with the right partners, selecting the right processes and using the right components, CMM has a sustainable, competitive, flexible and scalable supply chain.

Walter Rouvoet
Supply Chain Manager

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At CMM, we’ve got plenty of opportunities to start or advance your career.

Menno Zorn

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