Full-service expert in charging station assembly

At CMM Services we offer the flexibility to deal efficiently with fixed costs as well as easily switch between production quantities and types. In addition, we help with ommercial positioning & technical improvements of the charging station.

  • Quality production over the past three years
  • Reduction of production, labor and material costs
  • Flexible, qualitative and fast scaling up and down
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Our assembly services

You manufacture or manage charging stations, then you benefit from a full-service assembly partner with a strong strategic, technical and operational background. We like to think along with you.


Design & Engineering

We turn functional requirements into technical solutions. In collaboration with Scope Design, we make sure your charging stations are practical & attractive.


Quick Scan

With our Quick Scan, we identify improvement opportunities for your charging station within 4 days. Higher quality, lower error rate and optimal assembly.



Optimizing your supply chain from supplier selection to purchase. We manage negotiations and buy parts cost-efficiently, maintaining stock aligned with production forecasts.


Assembly, Testing & Certification

Digital verification at each step ensures error-free assembly. Each charging station is thoroughly tested and documented to ensure warranty and quality.


Warehousing & Distribution

We manage your inventory and arrange global distribution, with clear solutions for storage and shipping. No worries afterwards.


Repair & Refurbishment

We specialize in repairing and refurbishing all the charging stations we produce. Functionality and durability are our top priorities.

Our charging stations have 0% downtime, thanks to CMM Services' assembly work

Charging stations are prone to failure. By gaining early insight into vulnerabilities, such as X, Y and Z, you can prevent failures and significantly improve the reliability of your charging stations.



Manufacturers and CPOs who have entrusted their assembly to us.

RST Elektronik
CCL Design
Eaton Corporation

How does collaboration work?


Free Introduction

Get in touch for a mutual acquaintance. We'll give you a no-obligation tour of our facilities and explain what we can do for you.


Setup & Consulting Trial Line

Before the official collaboration, CMM first sets up a trial line. Here we instruct our team with your instructions, implement improvements & optimizations and run a trial.


Setup & Scale-up Production

Are our employees trained and the lines optimally set up? Then we get to work on the actual production. Operationally, technically and strategically, we supervise this process from A to Z.


Delivery, Distribution & Repair

We ship your brand's high-quality charging stations to the customer waiting for them. Should this be of interest, we also take care of any repairs or refurbishment.

The benefits of outsourcing assembly work

  • No more need for your own storage unit(s)
  • Scalability to match the unpredictable market of 2024 & beyond
  • Reduction in total bill of material (BOM) cost
  • Simplification of internal logistics and operational processes
  • Flexibility of your fixed costs
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What sets us apart?

More than 15 years of experience

Thanks to our charging station assembly expertise, all productions over the past 3 years have had 0% margin of error. Not a guarantee, but a standard we strive for every day!

300,000 charging stations assembled

For multiple customers, from startups to established names, we assemble charging stations in varying numbers and types. Our lines rarely stand still, and so we recently celebrated the completion of the 300,000th charging station.

100% focus on EV charging stations

CMM Services is a specialist at heart. Our focus is laser sharp: we assemble charging stations, charging stations and more charging stations. This is what we love, specialize deeply in and get up for every day.

Fully certified

Thanks to years of experience in precision engineering, our ISO-certified specialists are leaders in the industry. The EV market and associated regulations are constantly changing. We make sure you meet all requirements.

Low procurement costs

We handle supplier selection, conduct all negotiations, make long-term agreements and purchase the parts. Through large-scale purchasing at competitive rates, we proactively contribute to cost reduction.

Waste reduction & environmental impact

CMM Services helps you as manufacturers to reduce the life cycle footprint of your charging station. That way, you gain an edge in tenders and can take pride in a sustainable product offering.

Optimizing your charging station in detail?

Charging poles are prone to failure. By gaining early insight into vulnerabilities, such as oxidizing metal oorts or unwanted heat exchanges, you can prevent failures.

Request your Quick Scan now and receive a detailed report within 4 business days with insights on how to optimize your charging station.

Partners we help advance with assembly

Who are our assembly services for?

Our assembly services are designed for charging station manufacturers and CPOs looking to reduce their bill of material (BOM) costs and optimize the quality of their charging stations. From startup to established name, your unique needs and challenges are our focus.

Whether you are a novice looking to scale up and down quickly or an in-house manufacturer looking for cost efficiency and quality assurance, CMM is the place to go.

Charge post manufacturers

  • Innovative startups in the charging station industry
  • Renowned charging post manufacturers
  • Manufacturers looking for secondary assembly partner
  • Manufacturers with their own assembly lines looking to outsource
  • Foreign manufacturers looking for a European assembly partner
  • Foreign manufacturers seeking Made in Holland seal of approval
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  • CPOs with high 'uptime' requirements or little coping capacity during outages
  • CPOs with high environmental requirements
  • CPOs seeking a sustainability edge in their procurement process
  • CPOs looking to improve & optimize their revenue model
  • CPOs who want to investigate which charging station in their management performs best
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Our charging stations have 0% downtime, thanks to CMM Services' assembly work

Charging stations are prone to failure. By gaining early insight into vulnerabilities, such as X, Y and Z, you can prevent failures and significantly improve the reliability of your charging stations.



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